Battery Washing

Normal operations can add to your maintenance cost by venting acid vapor on top of the battery. Over watering will cause acid discharge to cover the battery. Both these situations cause corrosion, self discharging and the need to wash batteries.

A battery with excessive corrosion requires a high pressure washer to break up the corrosion. The battery also needs to be neutralized with a base chemical to check further corrosion. In addition, the lead contaminate in the waste water needs to be removed before disposal. If a program is not enacted to eliminate the causes of the electrolyte forming on the top of the batteries, battery performance, battery life and safety will be affected.

Other On-Site Services:

• Battery and Charger Inspections
• Watering Battery Cells
• Battery Acid Neutralizing
• Battery Washing
• Cable Replacement
• Charger Connection Torquing
• Charger Output Analysis
• Connector Replacement
• Cleaning Inside Charger

This program can cover any battery and charger in your facility.

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