“Industrial Battery & Charger, Inc. offers 13 fully staffed service centers throughout the Southeast with over 60 Certified Technicians.

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IBCI programs are customized for your operation, from scheduled maintenance to Total Power Program by IBCI, a power program customizable to your specific needs at a fixed price – to rental and leasing programs – and the New Life™ Battery Program. All IBCI programs are designed with customer-centered philosophies to be “Your Energy Partners For Life!”

Total Power Program

Total Power by IBCI is a power program customizable to your specific needs at a fixed price!
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New Life™ Program

The New Life™ Battery Program offers you cost-efficient battery replacement solutions geared to make your budget work smarter, not harder!
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Scheduled Maintenance Program

Industrial Battery & Charger, Inc. Scheduled Maintenance Programs are designed to increase the efficiency of your power usage and maximize your equipment longevity and safety. 
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Rental & Leasing Programs


Industrial Battery & Charger, Inc. has several options for your rental and leasing needs.

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Industrial Battery & Charger, Inc. has taken strategic measures to implement programs and procedures which support sustainability.
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Industrial Battery & Charger, Inc. partners with certified EPA facilities to coordinate the recycle of lead-acid batteries and industrial NiCd batteries.
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Industrial Battery & Charger, Inc. offers a wide-range of on-site and off-site training and educational opportunities through IBCI University.
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