Industrial Battery & Charger, Inc. Supports Environmental Sustainability Programs

IBCI has taken measures to implement programs and procedures which support the development of conservation strategies that help protect our natural environment and make our communities more attractive, economically stronger, and more socially diverse.


Strategic Decisions

  • Partner with Certified EPA Industrial Battery Recycling Centers to Recycle:
    • Lead-Acid Batteries
    • Industrial NiCd Batteries
  • Leadership role in environmental stewardship, which provides our customers with documentation that goes beyond regulatory requirements.
  • Offer Solutions for Less AC and DC Power Consumption
    Green Energy Management™
  • Repurpose Gently-Used Batteries
    The New Life™ Battery Program
  • Actively Seek to Offer Products that Reduce Carbon Emissions which Effectively Reduce Carbon Footprints
    • “GEM” Green Power Solutions Preserving the Integrity of Our Communities
    • Diamond Series Chargers Reduce Carbon Footprints
  • Impact Economic Upturn with Programs for Reduced Operation and Energy Costs
    • Offer Energy Management Programs for a Fixed Cost
  • Provide Rental and Lease Programs which Decrease Waste in Landfills
    • Responsibly Manage Product Installation, Use and Disposal
  • IBCI is an Equal Opportunity Employer