Introducing Total Power Program by IBCI

Total Power is a program customizable to your specific power needs at a fixed price!


What does Total Power Program by IBCI Mean to You?

  • • Viable solutions for fleet reduction to reduce overall costs
  • • Less AC and DC power consumption
  • • Customer no longer responsible for battery maintenance and watering
  • • Provides fixed monthly cost for a fixed term (36, 48 or 60 months)


How can Total Power Program by IBCI Help Your Operation?

  • • Total and strategic battery and charger fleet management
  • • Reduced operational cost
  • • Maximized uptime across your fleet
  • • Reduced safety issues


The Total Power Program is a cost-efficient solution to manage your electric lift truck fleet and meet your DC power needs while reducing your AC power consumption. The program identifies your energy, equipment and service requirements to develop a customized solution that guarantees you will receive the energy you need – when you need it – all at a fixed price.

The Total Power Program also allows you to reduce your environmental footprint while saving money at the same time.

IBCI will provide the continuous support you need with rock solid assurance that you will have the energy you need – when you need it. Regular maintenance and service will be provided as part of the program to ensure maximum uptime while meeting or exceeding all EPA, OSHA and manufacturer’s warranty requirements. We will take care of your fleet of batteries and chargers so you don’t have to.

Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Power Costs?

IBCI will develop a customized solution for your application by providing a comprehensive facility, fleet and power management study at no cost.


Take Control of Power Costs.