Industrial Battery & Charger, Inc. offers 13 fully staffed service centers throughout the Southeast with over 60 factory trained and certified technicians, with over 75 mobile service vehicles deployed daily.

IBCI Technicians are certified for all makes and models of motive power applications. IBCI technicians are thoroughly trained to service any brands of industrial batteries, chargers, and battery changeout systems.

IBCI Technicians Service:

• Forklift Battery & Chargers
• Materials Handling Power Applications
• Industrial Equipment
– Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)
– Floorcare Cleaning Machines
– Industrial Utility Vehicles and Personnel Carriers (Lifts)
– Mining Equipment
– Airport Ground Support Equipment
– Forklift & Pallet Trucks
• Warehouse Motive Power Applications
• Shipping and Logistics Power Solutions
• Stationary Power Applications, Service & Support

IBCI Technicians Service:

• Focuses on Specific Customer Needs
• Provides a Complete Diagnostic of the “Stated” Issue
• Is Guaranteed by IBCI
• Meets Rigorous Quality Assurance
• Follows Manufacturer’s Maintenance Recommendations

On-Site Services:

• Battery and Charger Inspections
• Watering Battery Cells
• Battery Acid Neutralizing
• Battery Washing
• Cable Replacement
• Charger Connection Torquing
• Charger Output Analysis
• Connector Replacement
• Cleaning Inside Charger

This program can cover any battery and charger in your facility.

Contact us to see how we can keep your downtime at a minimum, extend the life of your equipment and enhance the safety and productivity of your facility.

You Know You Want It.

IBCI Service: The best in the industry.

You Know You Want It.