Sunlight Batteries USA, Inc

SUNLIGHT Batteries USA, Inc.

SUNLIGHT S.A. specializes in the development and production of batteries and energy storage systems for industrial and advanced technology applications. With 30-years of experience in the energy-storage sector, SUNLIGHT is among the leading tech companies in energy-storage system production.

The global energy-storage industry is transforming, as lithium technology, allows the development of systems with significantly higher efficiency, high performance under adverse conditions, faster charging, smaller, lasting longer, with lower operating cost and stronger ecological efficiency. True to its strategy to develop dedicated value-chain innovation in the battery sector, in the last years, SUNLIGHT has invested heavily in the research and development of safer and more advanced lithium applications.

Lithium technology has revolutionized the electro-mobility of vehicles and the everyday use of mobile devices. In this context, SUNLIGHT has invested in the research and development for renewable energy sources and network applications, public transport, logistics, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and shipping. Recently SUNLIGHT unveiled a revolutionary series of smart lithium batteries. The Li.ON FORCE batteries meet the increasing demands of the materials and logistics industry, where SUNLIGHT holds a significant market share globally, close to 11%.

SUNLIGHT makes the most of Industrial 4.0 applications, offering better flexibility, functionality and performance. These applications have been implemented in the Li.ON FORCE range of batteries, which optimize safety, as well as enhance the interconnection of the various production stages. A significant advantage is the option for a preventive maintenance program, limiting any potential problems to a minimum.

In 2019, SUNLIGHT invested $10-million in its first subsidiary and assembly hub in Greensboro, NC. The 105,000 sq. ft. facility will have an annual capacity of over 2GWh in lithium and lead technologies. For the first time, US customers will be able to see the production process and witness quality controls by simply reading the QR code on the battery with a smart device.

SUNLIGHT BATTERIES USA is now the company’s largest assembly hub worldwide, and supplements its existing European hub, based in Verona.

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