What Motive Power System Is Most Efficient For Your Fleet?

Your motive power solution should always be customized specifically for the needs of your facility. There are several ways to design a battery system. The most effective power solutions offer a measurement component, which monitor and collect data about how your batteries are being maintained-–charged, watered, rotated, equalized–is the best way to ensure you have the most effective overall motive power solution.


Three power solutions that many of our customers employ:


Opportunity Charge

When you implement opportunity-charging during breaks and recharging overnight, the need to change batteries during shifts can be eliminated. Over time, this approach can extend battery life due to charging efficiency—and reduce safety hazards of battery changes. This type of system requires monitoring and measurement technology in place—that’s what allows you to collect data about your specific battery usage/maintenance and hold operators accountable.


Battery Rotation

If your operation requires three shifts with maximum power, or your facility does not accommodate placing chargers in the work area due to safety or environmental restrictions (such as food service facilities) then designing a power system where you employ rotating battery management. You will need an inventory of batteries and a management system in place to ensure you are providing the power evenly to your fleet and extend the life of your equipment investments.



Hybrid systems are efficient for operations that demand maximum workload from their forklift fleets. This strategy combines both Opportunity Charge and Battery Rotation. Placing opportunity chargers throughout the facility will reduce the number of battery rotations that are necessary – allowing your batteries to rest and cool, which extend the battery life and your inventory of supply will be reduced. In addition, operators can spend more time on the floor rather than changing batteries.


What Motive Power System Is Most Efficient For Your Fleet?

Every system we design is customized for your unique motive power needs.

Out goal is to provide a solution the keeps your fleet running at maximum efficiency and extends the life of your batteries.

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