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Industrial Battery & Charger Certified Solutions

IBCI programs are customized using data-driven metrics that help our customers serve their customers faster and better! Everything from our Scheduled Maintenance plans to the Total Power™ Program – to rental and leasing options – IBCI solutions are customer-centered designed.

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Total Power™ will meet your power needs at a fixed cost and help your operation!

What does that mean?

  • Viable solutions for fleet reduction to reduce overall costs
  • Less AC and DC power consumption
  • Customer no longer responsible for battery maintenance and watering
  • Provides fixed monthly cost for a fixed term (36, 48 or 60 months)
  • Total and strategic battery and charger fleet management
  • Reduced operational cost
  • Maximized uptime across your fleet
  • Reduced safety issues

Total Power Management™ identifies your energy, equipment and service requirements to develop a customized solution that guarantees you will receive the energy you need. Your operation will reduce your environmental footprint while saving money. We provide continuous support with rock solid assurance. Regular maintenance and service are part of the program to ensure maximum uptime while meeting or exceeding all EPA, OSHA and manufacturer’s warranty requirements.

Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Power Costs?

IBCI will develop a customized solution for your application by providing a comprehensive facility, fleet and power management study at no cost.


IBCI offers rental and leasing programs for all your battery and charger needs. We keep an active inventory of most sizes of industrial batteries and chargers to fit your application requirements and our payment terms allow you to maintain financial flexibility.

Our rental program can answer the call of any application that experiences peak demand, whether it is driven by seasonal needs or sustained increases in business.

Our leasing program allows you to secure the power you need to run our application without tying up capital funds.

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IBCI Technicians are certified for all BHS, MTC and Sackett battery changeout systems

Why is Battery Maintenance Important?

  • Maintain your equipment and power system
  • Replace cells/batteries outside performance specs
  • Maximize performance and life
  • Enhance worker safety
  • Validate equipment warranty

Every IBCI Service and Maintenance Visit:

  • Is Guaranteed by IBCI
  • Meets Rigorous Quality Assurance
  • Follows Warranty Protection Guidelines

IBCI Service and Maintenance Visits Include:

  • Client Purchased Equipment
  • Short and Long Term Rentals
  • Seasonal Business
  • Reconditioned Material Handling Equipment
  • Material Handling Rental Fleets

On-Site Services:

  • Watering Battery Cells
  • Battery Acid Neutralizing
  • Battery Washing
  • Cable Replacement
  • Battery and Charger Inspections
  • Charger Connection Torquing
  • Charger Output Analysis
  • Most Brands of Charger Repair
  • Connector Replacement

Off-Site Services:

  • Acid Adjustment
  • Load Testing (Capacity Test)
  • Cell Replacement
  • Charger Transformer Placement

See how we can keep your downtime at a minimum and enhance the safety of your employees.



We partner with certified EPA facilities to coordinate the recycle of lead-acid batteries and industrial NiCd batteries. Industrial Battery & Charger, Inc. (IBCI) has been in the battery business since 1975. Long before the environment became a social issue, IBCI was actively involved with the collection and recycling of lead-acid batteries. We are pleased to be a part of an industry where over 98% of its products are recycled.

In recent years, regulatory and social pressures have combined to necessitate the proper management of lead containing products. In the case of lead-acid batteries, it is widely recognized that protection of human health and the environment is a shared responsibility between industry and those who distribute, collect, process and use these products.

IBCI maintains a leadership role in environmental stewardship by offering a program to accept used lead-acid batteries. The purpose is to provide a proper and safe means of recycling scrap lead-acid batteries through an approved secondary recycling facility. Upon request, documentation confirming proper transport and disposal will be provided. This program provides our customers with documentation that goes beyond regulatory requirements.

How The Program Works:

IBCI does not own or operate a recycling facility. However, we have established relations with only those secondary recycling facilities that have environmentally clean records and proper federal and state approvals. The following facilities are currently IBCI approved:


Batteries received may be shipped directly to the EPA approved facility or to an IBCI facility prior to transport to a recycling facility. Temporary storage practices at Industrial Battery & Charger, Inc. include proper handling, consolidation and packaging thus preventing potential exposure to individuals and/or release of contaminants to the environment. All Industrial Battery & Charger, Inc. facilities are exempt from registration under RCRA. This exemption is noted in Title 40 CFR Part 266.80, Subpart G.

There is currently no regulatory standard for documentation of scrap lead-acid battery shipments to secondary recycling facilities beyond DOT bill of lading requirements. Therefore, under the standard practices of the Battery Recycling Program, IBCI retains only general records of scrap lead-acid batteries collected and shipped to secondary recycling facilities. A documented program is available on request.

  • Documented Battery Recycling Program
  • Requirements
  • Procedures
  • Administration
  • Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd) Battery Information


Industrial Battery & Charger, Inc. Supports Environmental Sustainability Programs and has taken measures to implement procedures which support the development of conservation strategies that help protect our natural environment and make our communities more attractive, economically stronger, and more socially diverse.

Strategic Decisions

Partner with Certified EPA Industrial Battery Recycling Centers to Recycle:

  • Lead-Acid Batteries
  • Industrial NiCd Batteries

Leadership role in environmental stewardship, which provides our customers with documentation that goes beyond regulatory requirements.


Offer Solutions for Less AC and DC Power Consumption

  • Green Energy Management™
    • Repurpose Gently-Used Batteries
  • The New Life™ Battery Program
    • Actively Seek to Offer Products that Reduce Carbon Emissions which Effectively Reduce Carbon Footprints
  • “GEM” Green Power Solutions
    • Preserving the Integrity of Our Communities
  • Diamond Series Chargers Reduce Carbon Footprints
    • Impact Economic Upturn with Programs for Reduced Operation and Energy Costs
  • Offer Energy Management Programs for a Fixed Cost
    • Provide Rental and Lease Programs which Decrease Waste in Landfills
  • Responsibly Manage Product
    • Installation, Use and Disposal