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Industrial Battery & Charger Services

Industrial Battery & Charger Customer Service Centers provide superior service for scheduled maintenance operations and 24/7 emergency calls. From our sales reps to our service managers to our technicians and sales coordinators, our team of professionals ensure that we’ll be Your Power Partners for Life™.

  • CertifiedBattery Recycling
  • Battery & Charger Inspections
  • Scheduled Maintenance Services
  • Mobile Battery Washing
  • Load Testing to Manufacturer’s Specifications
  • Troubleshooting
  • Repair & Upgrades
  • Cable & Cell Replacements
  • Operator Training
  • Power Studies
  • AC Power Consumption Studies
  • Application Audits
  • Stationary Battery Discharge and Recording
  • Over 60 Factory Trained and Certified Technicians
  • Fully Equipped Service Vehicles for Mobile Emergency Service
  • Service All Brands of Motive & Stationary Power Batteries, Chargers and Electronics Portable Wash Station for Onsite Battery Cleaning
  • Largest Available Inventory of Loaner and Rental Batteries and Chargers in the Southeast
  • Up-To-Date on the Latest Products, Specifications, Operations Manuals and Technical Support
  • Quick access to Factory Service Data

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Maintenance Services

Increase the efficiency of your power usage, minimize downtime, and maximize equipment longevity and safety with scheduled maintenance services. We offer free battery and charger performance audits with our Total Care™ Scheduled Maintenance Plan.

The IBCI Total Care™ Scheduled Maintenance Plan – Keep Your Equipment Running!

IBCI can cover all batteries and chargers in your facility. Our technicians are factory-certified. Ask your technician any question you have. We serve all areas of your motive power application needs and we believe in planned development that focuses on a comprehensive effort to achieve your productivity goals and offset any breakdowns.

The initial assessment produces a performance appraisal that will identify a recommended maintenance strategy for maximum efficiency. Working with your IBCI Sales Rep, we keep you maximizing power output and minimizing facility downtime. We recommend quarterly inspections.


Scheduled Maintenance Plan covers seven major areas:

  • Watering Cells
  • Washing and Neutralizing
  • Individual Cell Gravity and Voltage Readings
  • Cable Damage Wear/Contact and Connector Wear
  • Charger Start and Finish Rates
  • Torque Charger Connections
  • Cleaning Inside Charger

Service Calls

Industrial Battery & Charger, Inc. offers 16 fully staffed service centers throughout the Southeast with over 60 factory trained and certified technicians, with over 75 mobile service vehicles deployed daily. IBCI Technicians are certified for all makes and models of motive power applications. Our technicians are thoroughly trained to service any brands of industrial batteries, chargers, and battery changeout systems.

IBCI Technicians Service:

  • Forklift Battery & Chargers
  • Materials Handling Power Applications
  • Industrial Equipment
    • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)
    • Floor Care Cleaning Machines
    • Industrial Utility Vehicles
    • Personnel Carriers (Lifts)
    • Mining Equipment
    • Airport Ground Support Equipment
    • Forklift & Pallet Trucks
  • Warehouse Motive Power Applications
  • Shipping and Logistics Power Solutions
  • Stationary Power Applications, Service & Support
  • Focuses on Specific Customer Needs
  • Provides a Complete Diagnostic of the “Stated” Issue
  • Is Guaranteed by IBCI
  • Meets Rigorous Quality Assurance
  • Follows Manufacturer’s Maintenance Recommendations

On-Site Services:

  • Battery and Charger Inspections
  • Watering Battery Cells
  • Battery Acid Neutralizing
  • Battery Washing
  • Cable Replacement
  • Charger Connection Torquing
  • Charger Output Analysis
  • Connector Replacement
  • Cleaning Inside Charger

This program covers any battery and charger in your facility.

Turnkey EF&I

Industrial Battery & Charger, Inc. Offers Complete Turnkey Engineer, Furnish and Install (EF&I) Services.

Whether your need lies with a new battery handling system, help with establishing Opportunity or Fast Charging Stations for your material handling fleet or replacing an existing Uninterruptible Power System (UPS), Industrial Battery and Charger, Inc. has the expertise to assist you with all of your turnkey EF&I needs.

Engineer and Design

IBCI’s sales and technical staff have years of experience in helping our customers engineer and design systems that fit their exact requirements and specifications.


Our relationships with industry leading suppliers in both the motive and stationary power industries guarantee we can supply our customers with the very best products in both fields.


And, our service departments are staffed with factory trained technicians that can handle any installation, regardless of system or application.

Battery Washing

Normal operations can add to your maintenance cost by venting acid vapor on top of the battery. Over watering will cause acid discharge to cover the battery. Both these situations cause corrosion, self discharging and the need to wash batteries.

A battery with excessive corrosion requires a high pressure washer to break up the corrosion. The battery also needs to be neutralized with a base chemical to check further corrosion.

In addition, the lead contaminate in the waste water needs to be removed before disposal. If a program is not enacted to eliminate the causes of the electrolyte forming on the top of the batteries, battery performance, battery life and safety will be affected.

Other On-Site Services:

  • Battery and Charger Inspections
  • Watering Battery Cells
  • Battery Acid Neutralizing
  • Battery Washing
  • Cable Replacement
  • Charger Connection Torquing
  • Charger Output Analysis
  • Connector Replacement
  • Cleaning Inside Charger