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IBCI™ will develop a customized solution for your application by providing a comprehensive facility, fleet and power study at no cost. The IBCI Power Study is the foundation for the responsible development of any solution for a customer’s material handling power needs.

Every company can benefit from this consultative approach to developing their individual material handling power solution:
  • Any company with an existing electric forklift fleet. Has their application changed? Has their business grown, and shifts added as a result, thus they’ve grown past the capability of your current battery and charger fleet?
  • Any company interested in converting their fleet from a fossil fuel fleet to an electric fleet.
  • Any company establishing new operations who has questions about the benefits of an electric truck fleet and that is curious as to which battery chemistry they can benefit from the most.
Don’t settle for the one-size fits all approach. Instead, invest in a tailored solution for your material handling power needs – one that fits your individual application, budget, and future growth strategy.
  • Find the right fit for all those considerations; with no disruption to your existing operations and we’ll deliver your individual solution in an easy to understand fashion that will give you confidence you have the best technology and battery chemistry; delivered and supported by the right partner.
Ready to get started? It’s easier than you might think.

  • Your local IBCI account manager will gather usage information from your existing material handling fleet.
  • Don’t have the benefit of an existing fleet? Not to worry, our account managers are trained and skilled in asking the right questions and will engage you in a conversation to identify the critical aspects of your operation. That complete approach allows us to develop the best power solution for your individual material handling power needs through industry leading product and support packages.

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